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Starship are digital entertainment and product pioneers. Combining world-class production values with next-generation software solutions, we develop experiences that channel the future to enhance the lives of consumers today.
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Martin Kenwright
Starship CEO

With more than 29 years of experience gleaned over the course of 30 games across multiple platforms, Starship CEO Martin Kenwright remains a formidable industry figure.

His serial and visionary ability to define the future of entertainment for consumers has seen him rack up six number one games. Business and creative milestones have included launch titles on trailblazing new platforms including PlayStation 2 and 3, perfectly demonstrating his ethos of designing for the future.

Kenwright founded Evolution Studios and Digital Image Design; both revolutionary development studios responsible for game-changing titles such as Motorstorm, World Rally Championship (WRC), and F29 Retaliator.

After a five year enforced sabbatical following the 2007 sale of Evolution Studios to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, the five-time British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) nominee returned in 2013 with Starship; a proposition more ambitious, disruptive and further-reaching than any of his previous endeavours.

His latest tour de force is backed by a wealth of world-class industry talent, a dream team currently developing ground-breaking original content in fields that extend far beyond the sphere of gaming. Starship is on a mission to expand the frontiers of human experiences and entertainment with entirely new genres made better through play.

Clemens Wangerin
Starship COO

Starship Chief Operating Officer Clemens Wangerin has played a pivotal role in UK game development since 1997. A former development director of the world-renowned Studio Liverpool, and later director of PlayStation Network, his work helped to generate over £250 million of revenue at retail and sales of more than 13 million units for Sony. Now a linchpin in the Starship set-up, Wangerin is responsible for operations and business development.
Better through Play.

The Crew

Already holding a wealth of seasoned industry veterans and up-and-coming talent within their ranks, the Starship team hail from the gaming, entertainment, automotive, aviation, motorsport, desktop publishing, music and lifestyle sectors. Bringing with them an abundance of technical ability and creative flair, the games team alone offer more than 300 years of combined experience, having worked on launch titles and gargantuan games such as Motorstorm, Wipeout, Project Gotham Racing, Blur, and Formula 1, across platforms such as PlayStation, XBox, iOS, Android, and PC.


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