Playworld Superheroes challenged every player to create and then become their own superhero! In a land where craft and imagination unlocked a new world of possibilities, the limits of what’s possible were exploded by the player’s unique creations.

Playworld Superheroes allowed every player to design, customise and then become, a superhero of their own creation, inspiring endless creativity for gamers of all ages through real-time crafting.

Designed to provide gamers aged 5+ with a safe playing experience free from in-app fees and hidden dangers, Playworld invited players to enter a world in which their imagination unlocked a new world of possibility.

Launched in 2014, Playworld Superheroes combined crafting and creativity with eco-messages. Set against the backdrop of a Hollywood spectacle, players were transported from the everyday world into a land that only children could enter.

Each chapter of super-powered playtime began in the Playworld treehouse, a crafting hub in which the game’s themes were realised. The game saw the player take on the role of a superhero, battling against the mischievous Golumites: a mob of alien nasties on a mission to destroy Playworld!

Players had to defeat playful enemies on the ground in intense moment-to-moment action, jumping back to the real world to craft new tools and gadgets to level up their powers. Armed only with their imagination, the players skipped between two worlds to save them both in a Hollywood blockbuster of their own imagination.