Pixel perfect cooking

“The 19th century had cookery books, the 20th had TV, radio and linear multimedia. Now, for the 21st century, Starship bring you CyberCook. It’s an experience second only to real cooking, a genuine game-changing platform.” 

In a world obsessed with cookery shows, books and magazines,  Starship introduced the next evolutionary step in cooking media back in 2015 with CyberCook - the world’s first hyper-real cooking simulation.

The first major step-change in cooking media in decades, CyberCook gave keen chefs everything they needed to hone their kitchen skills without any call for washing up.

While books and TV passively fed the nation’s appetite for new meals and ingredients, CyberCook took it one step further by allowing food fans to get hands-on with every step of the process, slicing dicing, and chopping their way to culinary excellence in virtual reality!

With time-sensitive and intelligent virtual food, budding gourmets could interact with ingredients using a host of simulated techniques and utensils, and were rewarded points for their mastery of an ever-expanding roster of recipes from around the globe.

The app's format of food, friends and fun paved the way for vTime Limited, Starship's first breakout company, and their flagship social app, vTime XR - the world's first cross-reality sociable network.